Women’s Self-Defense Course Instructors

Grand Master Fred Parks is known throughout the country as a leading self-defense expert who has taught specialty courses for Teens, Adults, and Women’s Only Courses since 1992.

C.O.P.S. Program Instructors

Professor Fred Parks and Grand Master Shane Miller are the chief instructors for our Civilian Oriented Police Systems Course where civilian men and women can learn the safe dynamic street effective techniques taught in Police Academies around the world. In the class, you will learn the same techniques that our Police and Special Military Units use. This is a 16 Week Level 1 Course and carries continuing education credits for those who wish to become licensed instructors themselves in the future.

Adult Hapkido: Korea’s Dynamic Self-Defense Art

Senior Master Ronald Stone is a certified Master Instructor who has been involved with martial arts for over forty years. He is the 2017 Master Instructor of the Year Award Winner with the Korean Martial Arts Instructors Association and Florida State Representative for the Korean Hapkido Federation. Master Stone is also a Veterinary Surgeon and director of the Veterinary Trauma Center in Groveland, Florida.


With Instructor Ma at American Dragon Martial Arts is more than just martial arts. It is a way to develop your total mind, body, and spirit! Listed below are other fitness options we feature. These programs vary by location. Contact your local American Dragon Martial Arts for details.

  • Personal Training
  • Fitness Kickboxing*
  • Tai Chi & Meditation*
  • Self-Defense

Our Personal Training Program for adults and teens will help you improve strength, balance, and flexibility while reducing stress and excess body weight. Our Certified Personal Trainers are results-oriented with a program that covers training, nutrition, and monitoring your results. Each of our Trainers looks forward to working with you to improve your health with mind, body, and spirit balance through individualized instruction. We specialize in training to reverse the effects of aging, post-pregnancy weight loss, weight loss for brides & bride’s maids, and conditioning for college-bound athletes.

Fitness Kickboxing*

American Dragon Martial Arts’ Adult Kickboxing Course combines motivational lectures, functional athletic drills, and proven martial arts techniques to create a holistic workout for the mind and body. The kickboxing course provides overall physical conditioning and toning benefits to students while teaching the proper methods of kicking and punching.

Burn up to 750 calories in an hour

Lose weight

Build lean muscle (lean muscle burns calories ALL the time…even when you sleep!)

Get in shape fast (this is a TOTAL body training program)

Achieve a more toned, athletic look

*Not available at all locations

Self-Defense Courses: Our Fundamentals of Self-Defense and Personal Safety Programs introduce adults to the concepts, perspectives, and techniques that will teach you to avoid, or effectively deal with dangerous encounters and scenarios. Our program teaches situational awareness, vigilance and tactics meant for practical use and real-life situations. Students wear regular clothes and attire to assume situational reality.


We have classes for the entire family! At our schools, we like to say that a family that kicks together sticks together. Unlike little league team sports, martial arts class is a program that families can enjoy together. You can’t get out there on 3rd base with your child at Baseball or pass the ball to your child for the jump shot in basketball, but you can join in side by side with your child in our program! The American Dragon Martial Arts Academies organization of schools offers many programs that will fit your family’s needs. Moms and Dads not only will you achieve the benefits of greater health, fitness, and self-defense awareness more importantly you experience family bonding. The American Dragon Martial Arts Academies organization of schools is renowned for creating family unity, which is vital in today’s society.

Our Unique Programs are Fun! Exciting! Empowering and Educational!

Although the history of our techniques can be traced back over 1,500 years our system of teaching martial arts is the state-of-the-art method for modern times. Each class is built around dynamic energy and an accelerated training style that is Fun, Exciting, Empowering for students as young as four years old to moms, dads, and even grandparents. Martial arts fitness classes are also available at most locations.

Martial Arts Excellence since 1984!

Over 36 years of Martial Arts Excellence! Since 1984 the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies organization of schools has produced some of the finest martial arts Black Belts and Champions in the world. Our Leadership and Instructor Training Programs give our students a start to a finish career path in the martial arts industry if that is their ultimate goal.


Mission Statement: The American Dragon Martial Arts Academies organization of schools’ mission is to impact and empower the people of our communities’ lives with the positive benefits of martial arts training throughout the world. We are committed to create a better world filled with health, happiness, peace and harmony built from a unique blend of old traditional and modern-day martial arts training. Studying the best martial arts, life skills and character development program from around the world. We are on a quest to be our best!

Academy Purpose Statement: The purpose of the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies organization of schools is to uphold the traditional values of martial arts including respect, discipline, honor, loyalty, family and bravery to the highest level of Black Belt Excellence just to name a few.

We must all be committed to our organization’s ideals by striving for the highest standards of excellence in: teaching, developing quality instructors, students, black belts, competitors, demonstration teams and promotional events. We must provide outstanding customer service, and organized business administration services equal to other professional service industries in the world.

Instructors’ Purpose Statement: The Instructor’s purpose is to empower students in becoming well-rounded, versatile, open-minded and excellent martial arts technicians in the most efficient and quickest way possible. Our focus is to enhance our students’ choice of developing personal power, discipline, and respect through the American Dragon Martial Arts Academies organization of schools’ teaching process. We must master dynamic, fun, and empowering classes to keep our students earning their stripes motivated, educated, and inspired to train for health and happiness.

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